Into the forest he wanders

I’m on a mission trip with our youth group this week.  In my absence, I asked a couple of friends to write posts for me.

This one is from Dan and, in his own words: “i am 17 (going on 18) and i love to write… and i plan to cure cancer in the near future :)”

Dan’s poetry is mythic, rich with imagery and reflects a heart wiser than its years.  Enjoy!

Into the forest he wanders,
For he has lost his way
His righteous journey halted,
His soul corrupted,
By he, who is evil
The man wanders through Hell’s Forest
Finally coming to rest under the bough of a mighty spruce,
Ravens fly in the sky
Singing death’s horrid song
The lowly moon glistens above
It’s haunting reflection shines from the river below
In this moment his evils are clear
The lies, and deceit
All the pain and agony caused by him
The river flows frozen
A testament to his sheer coldness
Dark crimson rises from the depths of the water
The blood on his hands
He cries, begging for mercy
Into the water he jumps, breaking through the ice
The sweet crimson tears cleanse his dark soul
He is reborn under the holy waters
Hell’s Forest burns, no longer holding its power over him
As the sun peeks over the horizon
Marking the beginning of a new chapter
He exits the forest, finding his way back to the sacred path
Walking towards glory a flock of doves fly overhead
As he begins life anew.


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