The Unknown: a repost

My laptop caught a virus this a.m. and I’ve only a minute to spend at the library computer…so, here is a repost from ’08 on mystery.

Thanks for supporting Mary & Dan, my guest bloggers last week, with your visits. :)


I don’t know about you but the unknown draws me…ever since a child I’ve loved a good mystery, been fascinated by life after death, Loch Ness, Bigfoot and UFO’s. They perk up my interest and invite me to come and check them out. As soon as I could read I was devouring Agatha Christie novels and have since come to appreciate the PBS series of her work as well as their series on Sherlock Holmes. As an early teen, I remember reading about life after death and UFO’s. I hear there are TV shows out there that are mysteries of sorts (i.e. CSI), but the glimpses I’ve caught of them seem to do little but feed dark places, so I don’t watch.

Another mystery is the spiritual realm: I didn’t believe in the spirit realm, not really, until I started encountering it… The temptation has been to be drawn into it, to focus on it.  Bad idea, I know. A temptation I try to keep surrendered to God.

God has almost always been large in my life, but until recently I didn’t see the mystery linked with Him–I was pretty sure I had Him locked up and figured out. As I grow in relationship with Him, though, the mystery grows. The more I understand the less I ‘get’, the more questions I have.

I’ve heard that old saying that ‘familiarity breeds contempt’.  I guess God is making sure the mystery stays alive so I don’t get too comfy and punchy, He knows how to keep my heart open. There is a certain tension to mystery/the unknown that adds spice to a relationship, helps keep it alive. Too much, too soon almost always turns a romantic relationship into a contempt fest (modesty on all levels matters). Ongoing discovery is the joy of long term relationships and marriages. If we stay open to one another, we’ll find we discover more and more with time, but also discover that there is so much more we don’t know and may never know. I think the same goes with our relationship with God…He keeps us guessing.

The reverse is not true, though, and this is what boggles my mind: God knows us inside and out, upside and down, through and through and loves us unconditionally anyway. No contempt, no distancing, just unabashed love and good will.

I’m staying in this mystery relationship and know that some day all will be revealed and it will all fit together and, like the end of a good mystery novel, I’ll be able to say “Ahhh, of course, now I see.”


4 thoughts on “The Unknown: a repost

  1. I like this post. Especially about discovery in one’s relationship. This is very revealing now a days that relationship does not last more than a quarter or so, I think.
    Yes, modesty on all levels….how true you know. Set aside something to look forward to, just in case. I am a very conservative person and I always believe in putting things in proper perspective.

    Spiritually speaking, I tend to love more and more the doctrines, the deeper I get into it. The mystery is always there, for the unbelievers. But for those whose faith is unblemished, there is no mystery. Everything is laid out as planned and as Paul said in Romans 8:28 (King James Version)

    28And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

    thanks be to God for you….


  2. Thanks for the kind words, Jocelyn…

    Going deep into God, into the things we know about Him…lovely. You obviously have a committed heart, He must love that!

    Thanks be to God for YOU! :)


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