9/11, Haiti–where wind sings

September 11th: 9/11.

September 12th: Haiti earthquake, 9 months later.

Death.  Both dealt death.  Heartache and remembrance lingers.  People pause and honor, people pause and pray.

On a breezy day last week, I stood underneath the chime tower at St Olaf College (click for virtual audio/visual tour).  Then I sat underneath it, then I settled in–the sound was enchanting, soothing.  A girl laid  on her back beneath it, looked up through her camera viewer and took photos.  A man entered its space, held up his cell phone and made an audio recording. People meandered in, slowed and then stopped.  It is holy space, a space for listening, a space where wind sings.

Today, I came across a 3 minute mpr audio recording of the chimes with an explanation that the tower was erected in 2003 in remembrance of students who died while attending St Olaf.  The chimes–tuned to the key of D, the key of Beautiful Savior–are a memorial.  How fitting, how beautiful…

In keeping with the spirit of their making, maybe this weekend we can let them sing across this nation, even across the globe.  As the wind breezes through, come with me and listen.  Listen and remember, listen and pray. Remember those who died 9/11 and 1/12.  Pray for those who remain, who mourn, who suffer.

The community of Taize offers a prayer each month for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake.  Fittingly, this month’s prayer reaches beyond Haiti–it reaches toward all who remember and pray, all who are burdened by loss and chaos.

Jesus, light of our hearts, ever since your resurrection you keep coming to us. Wherever we are, you are always waiting for us. And you tell us: “Come to me, all who are overburdened, and you will find rest.”*

As the wind sings, Jesus waits, Jesus beckons.  Listen and remember, listen and pray, listen and come…

*copyright © Ateliers et Presses de Taizé, 71250 Taizé, France. Permission granted to reprint.  Entire prayer for September 12, 2010 posted at: http://www.taize.fr/en_article10941.html


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