Moving Forward into January…

(145/365) Expanding my horizons

Back to work, back to school, back to normalcy. Holiday fun has ended. Christmas is a memory.  2011 tiptoed in and whispered “I’m here”.

The house is a mess and, like every year at this time, I’m wondering when to take down the Christmas decorations. The ceramic Santa looks weary, and the candles are down to the nub.

Tomorrow, our son’s girlfriend arrives from New Jersey (I’m excited to finally meet her!).  Do I leave them up for her? I doubt that she’ll care, yet I think I will leave them up. Since it is winter break for her and Charlie, Christmas decorations seem right.

My New Year’s resolution came late this year: only yesterday did I resolve to bring Pilates into my workouts.  Pilates is strength training–which is needed for a woman my age–without a gym or machines.  I like this, as it allows me to continue to workout at home to videos–very inexpensive and no one has to avert their eyes as I bend, stretch or sweat.  Everyone wins!

Five days ago I had LASIK surgery.  Although I had the surgery two years ago, my far-sighted vision worsened this fall, which required more laser work last week.  It went well, but, as the surgeon warned me, now I need cheaters (reading glasses) to compensate for the loss of near-sighted vision that often comes with the correction.  For me, ringing in the new year involved scurrying off to CVS, where I found a pair of blue/black plastic frames with a cloth case for $14.99. Yep, on New Year’s Eve I perched a sure sign of aging upon my nose: reading glasses…. The years pass, and my body changes: it is perfectly natural and as God intended.  So be it.  Besides, I like the way they look on my face and, when not in use, on top of my head. :)

Charlie, our son who is home from Boston University for another 2 weeks, awakens.  I just heard his door open.  He and I have the day together as Emily went back to St Olaf last night and Rich is at work.  Mother and son time: at one time it was perpetual, today it is fleeting. I’m sure Mary cherished alone time with her Son, especially after He left her side and engaged the world.  As I sign off, I think I hear her whisper, “Be with my Son, be with your son, the time is short, don’t miss it…”


4 thoughts on “Moving Forward into January…

  1. Thanks Jodi, I needed this reminder. Tonight the only things Andrew wanted to do was watch a movie with me and cuddle or play Uno but I had stuff to do. Thakfully we did cuddle and watch a movie for a little bit.


  2. Hi Julie,

    Sweet days when they still fit in your lap and want to cuddle. Enjoy! I’m sure Andrew did :)

    hugs, Jodi
    PS thanks for the comment, it is nice to hear from you


  3. Hi Jodi!

    I hope the visit went well! Obviously, I don’t have any children, but my mom is here in Denver, visiting us for the first (of many) times. I wonder if she mimics your feelings?


  4. Jessica,

    Considering how wonderful you are, I’m sure your mother is loving every minute of her time with you! :) Thanks for stopping in, always good to hear from you :) :)


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