Saying Yes

I Love You
Image by LotusMonger via Flickr

Two foil-wrapped chocolate hearts sparkled on top of my Bible study seat this morning.  I smiled, grabbed them and tucked them away.  Valentine’s is near.

Everyone shows up for this “no one gets a day off” holiday.  Children buy Super Man and Cinderella cards by the dozen and give them to friends, family, classmates and teachers.  Giggling tween girls slide heart-shaped notes in cute boys’ lockers. Teenagers see each other, hope for more, and show it with small gifts and silly cards. Adults pair up and plan dinners just for two.  Married couples secure weekends away or quiet evenings out.  Chocolate and flowers arrive on doorsteps and enter offices. Friends, like my Bible study leader, remember each other with kind words or sweet tokens of affection.

God is in this love-soaked activity, for “God is love” (I John 4:16).  In the midst of dangling cardboard hearts and blushing Hallmark aisles, He permeates the holiday like the scent of bread in a bakery…yet, we shrug Him off and only see each other.

Some shake their head at “God is love.”  They say something like, “I believe in love, the power of love, just not in God.” They miss out, but that doesn’t faze God, for believing God doesn’t exist, doesn’t keep Him away. Since everyone knows that love exists, He pulls out the love stops and shows Himself by loving us unconditionally, wildly, recklessly, with abandon. Masculine through and through, He doesn’t let us walk away. He chases us down, sinks to His knees and asks us for our hand.  He pursues but doesn’t force, whispers “Be Mine” then listens for our reply, comes close but stands beside. We are free to walk away; we are free to say “yes.” Either way, He is forever there, with outstretched hand and love on the ready.

God romances us; He beckons us to be His Bride.  When we say “yes,” we say “I do” to divine matrimony.  When we say “yes,” we agree to growing intimacy with God.  When we say “yes,” He comes and makes love to us.  When we say “yes,” we finally know the Lover of our soul…


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