Lament for Libya

Muammar al-Gaddafi at the 12th AU summit, Febr...
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Qaddafi needs a lobotomy!
–my current facebook status

I know, I know…not very loving of me, not very Christian of me.  I suppose you think I’m judging or condemning him. Maybe I am.  In my anger, I find I care less about his soul than the souls of his people.

News reports and video clips reveal a man gone mad, a man bent on killing thousands of defenseless people instead of taking a punch to his ego.  He claims he’ll die fighting, die a martyr. Martyrs die for a cause, not kill for a cause…  He cannot see what he is doing, or, he sees and laughs.  Maybe it is the former, maybe it is the latter, maybe it is neither.

Maybe, just maybe, I need to quit trying to figure him out, find a heart, buckle down and pray for Muammar…

Friday night, Rich and I attended The Mourners, a choral concert of medieval music by The Rose Ensemble.  Surrounded by haunting images of fifteenth century alabaster mourners, flickering candlelight and polyphonic melodies, a lament by Guillaume Du Fay washed over and through me and, as I try to fathom the madness in the world, it redirects me.  Written as a response to Constantinople‘s fall (the long-standing capital of Christianity–akin to today’s Rome) to the Muslim Ottoman Turks in 1453, it reminds me to take my complaints and finger-pointing and direct them at God.

Listen, enter in.  Title and translation below.

Sung by The Hilliard Ensemble
Unable to view? Visit:

Lament of the Holy Mother Church of Constantinople

O most merciful fount of all hope,
Father of the son whose weeping mother I am:
I come to complain before your sovereign court,
about your power and about human nature,
which have allowed such grievous harm
to be done to my son, who has honored me so much.

For that I am bereft of all good and joy,
without anyone alive to hear my laments.
To you, the only God, I submit my complaints,
about the grievous torment and sorrowful outrage,
which I see the most beautiful of men suffer
without any comfort for the whole human race.
–translation from


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