Three in a Week

I thought only death, broken appliances and bad news came in threes.

Maybe I was wrong, maybe good news triples up too… Christian Blog Network

First off, last week Looking for God made a short list at the online Christian magazine and community, The High Calling. Along with nine other posts, my Why I Like Blue Jeans made it into Great Posts from Around the High Calling Network. This is a big honor and one I keep jumping around the house about! The High Calling community consists of  1,800 bloggers, an editorial staff and top-notch articles and resources for Christians looking for God in their “work, family and broader culture.” Pop in, be blessed and if you blog, do join.

12th century

Secondly, I’ve been invited to work temporarily for a previous employer, First Presbyterian of Maple Plain. I served almost three years there as an administrative assistant and am looking forward to serving again. Clerical skills brush-up, great staff moments and serving God’s people with pencil-in-hand are some of the things I’m most excited about.

Most recently, I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Jonathan at 237blessed. I am thrilled and honored to receive this peer-to-peer nomination! Jonathan “loves the spirit” of Looking for God and says it has “something truly important to declare concerning the Kingdom of Heaven.” It doesn’t get any better than that! Thank you so much, Jonathan!

At 237blessed, Jonathan brings hope and blessing through his use of Scripture, spiritual insight and sensitivity to the Spirit. If you desire a blessing or want to hear from God, visit 237blessed. Grateful I get to be your Sister, Jonathan, and your blog friend.

Of course, with nominations there are rules…


1. Add a picture of the award to your blog post.

2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

3. Share 7 random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other Bloggers and inform those 15 they have been nominated.


Seven random facts about me

1. Cemeteries are cool.

2. I read, write and never spit.

3. Some people call me charismatic, others contemplative.

4. I say “Woosh” too often, people wonder.

5. My 1992 Honda has 223,000 miles on it.

6. I suffer most when I can’t find Jesus.

7. Migraines come and go, but God is forever.

The nominees are, in no particular order:

1.Quirky, compelling and insightful, Nori takes you into her life and lets you sit awhile at Rambling on Regardless. Lucky me, I’ve slogged through bogs, danced in a kitchen and savored raspberry chocolate with Eleanor. She’s a keeper I call friend.

2. Joyce at Joyce de Vivre has a knack for creating Christian community and has created Featured Scribbles to foster Christian blog community. Tireless and passionate, she reminds me to stay rooted and reach high.

3. A-Musing is a newly birthed blog written by an old family friend. Jim shares his heart and always points to Jesus. Glad I get to share him here with you.

4. Bernie at Daily Light uses Scripture, practical insight and prayers to bless his readers. His devotions help me lean a little longer on my Lord. I’ve studied, prayed and joked with Bernie. He’s a Brother I call friend.

5. Brother James came to Looking for God with encouragement and profound presence. When he’s around I breathe easier.  His site, Domini Canes, is beautiful and his words never fail to make me pause and reflect. A new blog friend I sense kinship with.

6. A dear old blog friend who once spent hours interpreting one of my dreams, Cindy at  Anyone’s Guess write wonderful poetry and prose and is soon to have a baby. Her heart is fixed on Jesus, and that means everything.

7. Another long-time blog friend who nominated me for the Sweet Friend Award, blogs at So Much, So Little Time. Kate is, among a few dozen other things, a devoted Catholic, a prolific writer and a published author. Oh, and she just gave birth to her fourth child.

8. Dan at The-Fatalistic-Smile writes deep, mythic poetry that rattles your unconscious and steals your heart. Back in 2010 he guest blogged here, at Looking for God: Into the forest he wanders. He’s a wise soul who has been known to climb rock walls, even with me.

9. Claire is a stay-at-home-mother and blogger from New Zealand. Her One Passion One Devotion says it all. She’s all about one thing and one thing only. More times than not, I leave her site lifted, closer to God.

10. Lizy, at Follow Lizy, is on adventure in Glasgow. She’s a brilliant writer who takes you with her and makes you smile. For a sure-to-delight-you peek into Scottish university life from the perspective of a college student from my home church, stop in and stay a spell.

11. New to the blog scene and fresh to my world, forthefrustratedchristian give me encouragement and helps realign me when I’m ready to scream. Thank you and welcome Sid!

12. Estherlou at Estherlou’s Blog has been around the block and is refreshingly herself. She also runs a bakery and sometimes posts photos that makes mouths water. As a new blog friend, I look forward to getting to know her better.

13. Antigone’s Clamor is well written, often takes a stand and makes you think. Sometimes I find myself cheering. Lara has a way with words and loves her Lord. Visit and see.

14.  Jocelyn at Celine is a Filipino living in the U.S. who is sold out for Christ. She’s a bright light in a dark world and helps keep my head where it belongs, in the heart of God. She’s a blog friend who gives great encouragement.

15. Jessica at  booshy makes the mundane delightful and humorous. She’s got dogs, runs marathons, oh and she’s about to give birth to her first child. Never a dull moment by a gifted writer. Glad to call her a long-time blog friend.


Those are my three and they all happened in one week! As I look for God, I see Him everywhere! Thanks for your presence, prayers and praise. May God bless you because…

25 thoughts on “Three in a Week

  1. Thank you!! I’m so honored and am SO glad you’ve been along for the ride! You’re one of my most cherished blog friends, even if I’ve never expressed it before. :)


  2. Hi Jodi! Congratulations and I’m so happy for your blessings! God is great, isn’t He? :D I’ve read your articles on High Calling and now I can really see why God is sending you a lot of victory! Thank you for including me in your list, and for constantly encouraging me in writing for Him. I’m sure you’ve seen your link at Featured Scribbles and though I really can’t pass this award to a limited number of bloggers, I’m passing it unto all the links listed in there :) God bless you richly!


  3. Thanks so much for the nomination. I am the oldest part of the bakery I work at having been there for 20 years, but I only do the wedding cakes and work there for the new owners of 3+ years. It just seems like I am a part of the furniture or attached to the walls, but I don’t run the bakery.


    1. Woops, sorry to misrepresent you, Estherlou. Your cakes are AMAZING! I hope business picks up, life gets easier. I highly doubt anyone but you thinks your part of the furniture or attached to the wall :) Congrats again and thanks for being my blog friend :)


    1. No pressure, Cindy, but I do hope you take it up again…especially with the little darling almost here…Congrats and thanks for staying close through the years ;-)


  4. :grin: I’m so glad, and thrilled, that I was able to bring further uplifting into your life (Woosh!)! That sounds like a wonderful word, I hope I did it justice. –Thank you also, so much, for your kind words and your encouragement. Such encouragement uplifts my spirit and strengthens my faith that my ‘offerings’ to you, and all who read my posts, are making some positive influence. I pray you are set free from your migraines, aches and pains, and other adversities in your life. The Lord has been helping me with such adversities as well, from the inside out. He’s bringing peace on top of peace to my spirit, and as He does so my troubles with headaches, depression, fatigue, and fibromyalgia pain have been lifting away from me. My headaches are virtually no longer an issue in my life, and depression no longer has me chained.
    :smile: Be forever blessed my sister.

    Your Heavenly brother, Jonathan


    1. Oh Jonathan, I’m so grateful God has brought you healing. He is the great Healer and Lover of our soul! Your nomination lifted my spirits and reminded me that God sees me. Thank you, dear Brother. Honored to be ‘with’ you, in these days.
      I am blessed because of you, may you also be forever blessed…


  5. :grin: I know it’s a bit much all at once, but here it goes.
    –Congratulations, your blog has been nominated for The Candle Lighter Award. See my blog at for further details.
    …I hope you aren’t tired of the Awards yet. I just recieved this award and I just felt it was wrong not to pass it on to you. Keep the Light of Faith shining bright, and be blessed today, tomorrow, the next day, and then…


    1. Oh Jonathan, you are a terrific encourager. I’m heartened by your gift, your kindness and your desire for Him to be known. Keep shedding light and love, Brother, and thank you so much for this award.


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