Parades and Pictures

A  religious parade went through the city today (Sunday). I guess these are common. Bells rang, cherry bombs went off, brass were playing, it was colorful and loud.

The pic doesn’t do it justice and I cannot upload a video on this blog, so…see video here

The parade included pauses for dancing routines.

Dancers video here


A puzzling thing happened today, one of the hostel attendants asked me in broken English if he could take my photo. He’s about 20 years old (I am 50) and well…I was flustered, confused and suddenly lamenting that I didn’t have any makeup on…I said yes, tried to pose…I didn’t even ask why he wanted a photo…and probably wouldn’t have understood him if he tried to explain. Maybe I’ll show up on the hostel’s website or Facebook page. Who knows?

Then on the tour bus I took today…a man with a big professional camera scooted just behind and to the side of me and took some profile pics of me. We were on the bus’s upper deck, so the wind was blowing and the scenery was breathtaking. When he realized I was aware of what he was doing, he stopped.

Ummm…fair-skinned girlfriends of all ages, get your tushes down here. I think we’re beautiful in their eyes…

More photos here


2 thoughts on “Parades and Pictures

  1. You’re in Cuenca! Lucky you! I once had the opportunity to stay in Quito for a little while, but my Spanish wasn’t all that great. (Ahora es mucho mejor, es una lastima que no puedo visitar mi país favorito.) And that’s because DuoLingo is amazing (and free!) Have you had an opportunity to try cuy yet? My family won’t let me live it down. Every time we go by a pet store they remind me of it.


  2. Hola, no I haven’t had the stomach to try the guinea pig yet. I’ll have to check out DuoLingo, thanks for the tip. I can only get better at Spanish! I’m feeling the loss of connection keenly down here. Thanks for the comment and do give Cuenca another try, it is sooo worth it! Blessings on you this week.


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