Video tour of my Cuenca apartment

For the curious, here’s a look at my new apartment in Cuenca, Ecuador.

Video tour

I’m paying $440, which includes everything: fast internet (which I need for freelance writing), Direct TV (I haven’t turned it on yet), hot water, electricity, trash removal, etc.

The weather is so perfect 24-7-365, there is neither heat nor AC, nor a need for it.

My landlords are excellent: the first night I moved in I emailed them a couple of questions and within 10 minutes they were at my door making things right and giving me the scoop. I’m on a month-to-month verbal only basis…hope they let me stay here for a very long time. :)

It is a secure building in El Centro (the heart of the city), within walking distance of all the fun stuff: shopping district, churches, museums, restaurants, parks, etc.

And, you’ll notice, I’m on the fourth floor (top floor), a level higher than most other buildings, which provides spectacular views of the Andes, churches, and city. The video does not do it justice. The views are breathtaking!

It reflects the style I like (authentic, solid, and charming), plus I’m not surrounded by US expats. If that sounds harsh, part of why I left was for something different.

I so don’t deserve this, peeps. Seriously. Yet God, in His graciousness, has totally set this up for me. This is freaking AWESOME! Thank you, Jesus!

Thanks to friend and colleague, Julia, for pointing me to Psalm 16 today.

My choice is you, God, first and only.
    And now I find I’m your choice!
You set me up with a house and yard.
    And then you made me your heir!
Psalm 16: 5-6, The Message

Do you have questions? Fire away either in the comments below or on Facebook (where most activity is happening) and I’ll try to answer them in future blog posts.

Thanks for popping by :)



4 thoughts on “Video tour of my Cuenca apartment

  1. Oh my goodness, I love it! So good to see and your place too. Not so sure about the stud but I am glad you are making friends, lol. I can not imagine living with no A/C, heat or screens on my window. Love you!

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  2. Thanks Julie! I thought I’d toss in Fabio to alleviate all the rumors. ;-) It is spectacular to not have bugs and less than perfect weather! Love you and miss you! Hugs to each of you!


  3. Dear Jodi, it really seems like paradise. What a beautiful apartment and a beautiful price, too. One looming question from an ” older aunt” is it a four story walk-up? If so you will get PLENTY of excercise. Sounds like everything is ideal. God Bless and enjoy. Love, Sharry

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    1. Hi, great question Aunt Sharry! It is a four story walk-up, there is no elevator. The elevation plus the flights of stairs are good exercise! Nothing is ideal, there is a healthy dark side to Cuenca, some of it I’ve encountered already. Good to have your wits about you, a smiling face and a kind word doesn’t ensure you won’t be taken. All part of the adventure, I guess. Who to trust can be tricky….just like life in the States. Thanks for checking in and for the comment. Always great to hear from you, my dear Aunt. Hope you are well, very well. Love you! Jodi


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