Long Distance Valentine

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

I shared this on Facebook, but need to share it here as the college roommate who set us up isn’t on Facebook, but does receive these blog posts via email.

It is a glimpse into what this half a world apart, can’t direct mail anything to Ecuador, Valentines looks like for me and Rich, my guy since 1984.

Click the link, watch, and then read below.
Valentines Day

Backstory: our first date was a “set your college roommate up” blind date. We were bused with other blind date couples to a rollerskating rink.

I was a cling-to-the-wall skater who occasionally let loose and joined the masses in the middle, while screaming.

Rich was patient and stayed near, surely wondering what he’d gotten himself into.

Then I accidentally backhanded him in the groin.

Suddenly he was gone…for a very, very long time.

I didn’t take the hint. Misremembering his name, I went looking for him asking people if they knew where Steve was.

PS He had great hair.

FYI, they celebrate Valentines Day in Cuenca. Lots of red stuffed animals, flowers, jewelry, and chocolate everywhere. I don’t know of any unique-to-Ecuador Valentines traditions.



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