Processing with Jesus

Glowing candles, chants, music, and costumed characters filled the streets of Cuenca last night, Good Friday.

San Blas
San Blas Church with the full moon kissing its dome. 

Penitent and pious, sinners and saints, innocent and guilty processed, pausing only to watch as actors reenacted that night we call good.

All walked with Jesus to His crucifixion. All walked with Jesus to His death.

Jesus carries the cross
Simon the Cyrene helps Jesus carry His cross

Sitting in the Cathedral watching people rise to line up, I hesitated to join them. I’m not Catholic, Ecuadorian, or Spanish speaking. I stick out and still feel like a tourist, not like one of them.


Yet I am a Christian, just like them.

God sees me as His own, and He sees them as His own. We are His.

I joined the Stations of the Cross procession. Video

These gentle people accepted me and my presence with them. I never sensed a judgmental look or comment. It was remarkable and yet not really, for we are His children, all Brothers and Sisters.

They get it, I’m the one who doesn’t…or hasn’t, until now.

Video taken for the audio, as this was spoken at each station. Translation help welcome.

More photos below:

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6 thoughts on “Processing with Jesus

  1. I can only imagine the experience. It was touching to watch all the people following the procession of the re enactment of our beautiful Saviors journey to His horrific crucifixion. I see what you mean by a gorgeous moon lit night. I know it was an arduous trek for you & you probably are still scraping off mud but what an experience for you & Kyle.
    We were at Nel’s brother for Easter today & John 2v & family are Catholic. When I mentioned your journey to the different stations of the cross John asked his daughter to name them. She named 16 of them. Very interesting.
    Thanks so much for sharing Jodi. It is such a gift to be able to go on this journey with you. I hope you have rested up.
    Love You, Mom

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  2. Dear Jodi, It is unbelievable to see a recreation of the crucifixion of our Lord. It is so painful as a Christian to see what our Lord suffered for us in his last days. I really believe that our Lord doesn’t care what religion we support as long as we live as he taught us. I am sure our Lord was happy with you celebrating and worshiping with your new found friends, regardless of where you were. God Bless, Sharry

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