I’m legit, and other true stories

It is official. Last week, I received my residency visa, and today I obtained my cedula (ID card. See sample below). I may not look and sound Ecuadorian, but I am one of them.

No, I haven’t had a face transplant, this is a sample cedula (ID card)

Now I can leave the country without having to start the visa process over, and I can get store discounts and open a bank account.

I’m legit, and it feels soooo sweet!

To address what you all keep asking…

“But what are you doing?”

Well…last week I went on a four day expat tour that went into the jungle, about a five hour bus trip from Cuenca.

Day one, we arrived at Hosteria LuzCelinda, a beautiful hotel with a pool (welcome relief from the heat) that had internet (essential for me to be able to work remotely). Photos: https://www.facebook.com/jodi.quinnhill/posts/10209607956940445
Video of rain in the jungle (at the hotel) https://www.facebook.com/jodi.quinnhill/videos/10209586773330868/?permPage=1

Hosteria LuzCelinda
Hosteria LuzCelinda

Day one’s evening: went to an open air dining area where they served us dinner, and members of the Shuar tribe presented us some traditions of their people, including a ceremonial dance that two of our group participated in. Ceremonial dance video: https://www.facebook.com/jodi.quinnhill/videos/10209587306704202/?permPage=1

The Shuar tribe is known as a head-hunting warrior tribe that shrinks the heads of its victims. A Cuenca museum highlights this tribe and has shrunken heads on display. The prevailing message is that the tribe no longer hunts and shrinks heads… Photos: https://www.facebook.com/jodi.quinnhill/posts/10209586991016310

Shuar tribe dance
Shuar tribal dance

Day two, we hiked arduous and often dangerous trails (no guard rails here), in sweltering heat and humidity  through the Labyrinths of Chiguaza, where we encountered lush vegetation, towering trees, caves, bats, and spiders the size of your face.

And, in keeping with the name, natural formations of rocks covered in moss, that wend and weave through the jungle. It was spectacular! Photos: https://www.facebook.com/jodi.quinnhill/posts/10209587185181164

Rock formations covered in moss, in the Labyrinths of Chiguaza
Brian with spider
Our fearless leader, Brian Gary, with a spider plucked from a web in the jungle.

Day three, we visited a cacao and coffee farm, where we picked our own cacao and where our hosts took the cacao and coffee from the plant, processed it before our eyes, and then served it up as hot chocolate and coffee. It was a wonderful education and the end result was well worth the wait. Photos: https://www.facebook.com/jodi.quinnhill/posts/10209606804951646?pnref=story

Group at farm
Our tour group at the Cacao and Coffee farm, learning about a coffee plant.

Day four, we visited a botanical garden in Sucua, that had enormous tree trunk formations straight from a fantasy flick. Photos: https://www.facebook.com/jodi.quinnhill/posts/10209607978820992

Botanical garden tree
Trees in Sucua’s Botanical Garden

The group was fun and easy, and, after surviving the labyrinth, we bonded too. I’m making new friends (anything can happen!). Photos of group: https://www.facebook.com/jodi.quinnhill/posts/10209607934939895

tour group in the jungle
Tour group in the middle of our jungle trek. I’m way in the back, popping my head over the top of the lady in sunglasses (left middle)

Our hosts, Brian Gary and Jimmy Haro, did a sensational job of keeping us moving in one direction, with smiles on our faces. When you want to go, GringoNetwork is the way to go.

PS this trip was a test to see if I can work during extended tours/travel away from my apartment.  Internet at the hotel was iffy at times…too often, actually, but I did manage to get work done.

“Other things too?”

Yes, I’m doing other things too….

This week, I interviewed the executive director of the best women’s shelter in Ecuador, Casa Maria Amor, and learned about their programming and the women and children they serve. I don’t have permission to share what was said, and they don’t have a website, but believe me, they’re knocking it out of the park. Ecuador, and the dedicated staff of Casa Maria Amor, please take a bow.

I’m giving a new friend computer/email/internet lessons. Older expats aren’t always computer savvy…

I’ve gone to a few concerts, including an ambitious two-hour expat choir concert, that started with Opera and ended with Broadway. Many, many retired musicians come to Cuenca, where they can afford to live on their paltry pensions, and can stay active in their craft. They are some of the most joyous and vibrant expats I’ve seen.
Videos from the expat choir concert: https://www.facebook.com/jodi.quinnhill/videos/10209646013531836/?permPage=1

Expat choir, ‘orchestra,’ and soloist, Soprano Sandra Echeverri

“What about the house?”

We have a purchase agreement on it, and, no joke, it is slated to close Friday, the 13th.

Will see how that pans out…

Rich, my husband, is actively liquidating, stuffing boxes and hauling them to storage, and tying up several other loose ends. Thanks Rich! Once the house is sold, he will book a flight to Cuenca. Once here, he will see if Cuenca living is for him too…

Ok, there’s much more, and if you’re on Facebook, friend me for more photos, videos, and updates. https://www.facebook.com/jodi.quinnhill.

PS the earthquake relief effort here is ongoing. It may not be in your news feed, but it reverberates through the lives of each one of us here and many, many are still in desperate need. If you haven’t given anything, now’s the time. Even a small donation goes along way here. For the sake of some of the most gentle, generous, and industrious people on the planet, please do something. 
Credit card:
Tax-deductible donation in the States: send a check with Earthquake Relief Fund in the memo to
Ecuadorian Volunteers Association
P.O. Box 437
Naperville, IL 60566-0437

More info on Ecuadorian Volunteers Association: https://ecuadorianvolunteers.wordpress.com/earthquake-relief-fund/


And, for you beautiful souls who’ve made it to the end: the sweet faces of Ecuadorian children singing, even though…



8 thoughts on “I’m legit, and other true stories

  1. Hi Jodi,
    I first wish to congratulate you on becoming an official Ecuadorian. One of the things that has distanced me from pursuing the course of perhaps moving to Ecuador is the stories I hear about wondering dogs. As an avid dog lover the one thing that bothers me a great deal is always seeing these beautiful little animals running loose. Is their any conscientious effort on the part of the local government to do something about this?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and for the congratulations, Frank. Incredibly kind of you. :)

      As far as roaming dogs, awareness is rising about the problem and some nonprofits have arisen to reduce the population. One I am aware of, in Cuenca, is called Happy Dogs (https://www.facebook.com/happydogsincuencaspayandneuter/). Other organizations addressing this population have popped up too. I don’t know about animal protection laws, but there maybe some these days. If you move here, you’d find like-minded souls working to make a difference for these beautiful creatures. Blessings on you, and if you get down here, please let me know. I’d love to meet you! :)


  2. Thanks again Jodi for your informative & interesting updates.
    I’m so happy to hear about Casa Maria doing such an excellent job. Thanks for being involved. They are added to my prayer list.
    It’s great you are helping a new friend become computer savvy. Way to open a new world to someone.
    I love that you have concerts you can attend to feed your musical side🎶🎶❗️ It’s wonderful to hear retired ex-pats share their craft joyfully!
    Prayers continue for the earthquake victims dealing with such incredible loss & the huge job of rebuilding.
    Last but not least, a huge CONGRATULATION on getting your official Visa. What an important step for you. Way to keep moving forward!!
    Love & hugs, Mom

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for adding them to your prayer list, Mom. Also for the earthquake victims. Doing my best to keep moving forward, as He leads. Love you and HAPPY Mother’s Day! Wish I could be with you tomorrow…


  4. You are one AMAZING LADY, JODI! WOULD love to know the beginning of this story – how you became interested in leaving MN – like BIG TIME MOVING!! Hope Rich is almost ready to join you. love you, Bea

    Liked by 1 person

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