Blessed Obedience

Okay, confession time. Yesterday I had an argument with God. While quickly finishing up yesterday\’s blog (in order to get to a Bible study on time) I found myself looking for a picture to post. This is almost always the last thing I do when creating a blog, choose a picture. I went into our computer\’s picture folder and took a quick gander–one popped out, seemed God said, \”Go with this one, Jodi\”. Well, I didn\’t like it, it didn\’t fit well with what I thought should be there, so I went into Word and looked at their clipart collection…nothing. I got the idea that I wanted a pic of Jesus for it, so I went searching online and found one pretty quickly. I downloaded it and posted it on my Yahoo!360 blog. All the while I kept hearing God say, \”No, Jodi, you need to post the other picture, the one I told you to post.\” I kept saying back, \”No, this is a better picture, it fits the gist of what is said in the blog. Besides, how do I know this is God talking? I don\’t see any thunder bolts in the sky, no angel appearing saying \’Yo chick, go with this pic!\’ I think Your picture is a bad idea and I don\’t like it. Nope, not gonna do it.\” Then, as time kept slipping away, I went to post the blog on my MySpace page (yes, I have two blog postings…I like having back up in case one bites the dust one of these days). Got to the point of the picture posting and couldn\’t do, couldn\’t go with my pic of Jesus. By this time God was practically screaming in my ear and I figured there was some amazing reason I couldn\’t see for Him wanting His picture on the blog. I knew that if I didn\’t post it, I would be disobeying, out of His will. I begrudgingly caved in, figuring someone \’out there\’ needed to see this picture. I posted His pic (which is the one you see in yesterday\’s blog) and went back and changed the one on Yahoo!360.

Rich and I flew out of the house starving…we didn\’t have time to eat due to my feet dragging in the picture posting department. We popped in at the high school to grab some materials Rich needed to help with the school play and we sped through a Mc-ee D\’s drive-thru for dinner. I swear God had a worker set aside a McChicken sandwich for me hours beforehand, as that is what my sandwich tasted like. As I choked down the meal I remember thinking \”I suppose, this is what I get for not obeying right away: an indigestible, tasteless cardboard sandwich for dinner.\”

All through the evening I really let God know that I thought His picture (which, to His credit, is a nice picture) was just not right. I almost even mentioned it at Bible study, it was so on my mind.

This morning, I decided to write a blog right away before I did anything else. I opened my Yahoo!360 blog page and sat and thought about what to blog about. Asked God to bring something to mind…a topic came and seemed to stick, but then I got side-tracked for a minute and came back and couldn\’t, for the life of me, remember the topic. \”Hmmm…\” I thought, \”Now I have a big fat nothing.\” So, I decided to get my exercising in first, give it some more time. I threw on my \”no one should be seen in ever\” shorts and t-shirt and beat up tennis shoes and, on my way to turn on some music, caught a distanced glimpse of the computer screen. It was dark except for a bright spot in the middle and a bright spot off to the side. I wondered what had happened to my computer, how it got a different screen on it than the one I left. I thought about pop-ups and spam. It drew me, it really looked cool. I moved closer and then it hit me, it was the picture of yesterday\’s blog, only the laptop\’s screen was tilted so that only the brightest spots on the screen could be viewed, all else was dark. Those spots were the sun rising behind the cross and my avatar pic…all I took note of was the sun and the darkened cross I knew was there. I immediately felt God\’s presence, then I spun around and saw an icon in our livingroom of Jesus. He was bloody well everywhere! I got hit, folks. It was like that picture was posted for my benefit–I got the message that He wanted to bless me with this picture. To think I bucked it, to think I resisted Him and the blessing that He was holding out, if I\’d only obey…

I\’m still reeling and can\’t say much other than that right now. It has been quite the morning and now it is time to find and post a picture for this blog entry…hope you are blessed by it.

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